Zakk Wylde Plays a Blistering Extended “Sold My Soul” Solo from 1997 — Video

In 1997, Zakk Wylde seemed like an unstoppable force.

Although he was still one year away from launching Black Label Society, he had already carved out a prestigious career for himself. He had played on three Ozzy Osbourne studio albums and their resulting worldwide tours and also had released the Pride and Glory and Book of Shadows albums.

Around the same time, he agreed to participate in an instructional video produced in Japan for Young Guitar magazine called “Pentatonic Hardcore.” The video gives fantastic insight into Wylde’s approach to soloing and the specific techniques he employs to achieve his unique sound.

Highlights include Wylde’s closeup performances of sections of his own songs. These include “Losin’ Your Mind” and “Horse Called War” from 1994’s Pride and Glory, and, in the clip below, an extended solo section from “Sold My Soul” from 1996’s Book of Shadows.


Written by Forgotten Guitar for Guitar World, which can be viewed by clicking Here

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