Neal Schon and Sammy Hagar Perform Live as Part of HSAS in 1984 — Video

Sammy Hagar and Neal Schon performing live in San Jose, 1984

In early 1983, shortly after the release of Journey’s Frontiers record, guitarist Neal Schon took some time away from the band to set up a new project with vocalist/guitarist Sammy Hagar, bassist Kenny Aaronson and drumer Michael Shrieve, known as HSAS.

The band only produced one album before Schon returned to Journey, and Hagar joined Van Halen. However in November of 1984 they played a series of live shows, one of which can be seen in the video clip below.

Recorded at the San Jose Civic Auditorium on the 14th November 1984. HSAS perform; “In For The Kill”, “Missing You”, “Hot And Dirty”, “Through The Eyes Of Love”, “Animation”, “Valley Of The Kings” and “My Home Town.



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