Early Footage of George Lynch and Dokken Performing Live in Europe in ’82 — Video

George Lynch on stage with Dokken in 1982.

A year before heavy metal band Dokken released their debut studio album, Breaking the Chains, in the U.S., the band took to the stage for German TV show Beat Club to perform a few tracks from the record, including “Paris Is Burning,” “Young Girls,” “Nightrider,” “Breaking the Chains” and “Seven Thunders.”

The album was already out in Europe on the French label Carrere Records as Breakin’ the Chains. However, this 1981 version contains some different mixes and alternate song titles from the later U.S. edition.

“Paris Is Burning” was known as “Paris” and is actually a studio version, as opposed to the December 1982 live recording. The album also contained a song called “We’re Illegal,” which became “Live to Rock.”

Dokken’s performance from the broadcast (filmed in Breman, Germany) can be seen in the video clip below.

For more on George Lynch, visit his official website at

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7 Comments on Early Footage of George Lynch and Dokken Performing Live in Europe in ’82 — Video

  1. John Rodems // - at 12:27 am // Reply

    I loved this band wish a reunion but not going to happen


  2. Dc // - at 4:30 am // Reply

    No one needs them to reunited, Don Dokken is horrible live. He should’ve put the bottle down decades ago. The rest of the band members are still deadly.


  3. Steve Formby // - at 2:14 pm // Reply

    Mick Brown is one of the most underrated drummers ever! It’s one thing to cover others. A whole other thing to write it!


  4. Who is the bass player it Juan Croucier (sp?)? When did Jeff Pilson sign up?


  5. That is Juan. I think he was on their first album then left for RATT.


  6. Bill // - at 2:07 am // Reply

    This is really cool. I had forgotten that Don played guitar in the very early days of the band. And yes, that is Juan Croucier of Ratt. And as cool as this is, I just couldn’t imagine Dokken without Jeff Pilson. Last but not least, George was killer, and yeah, George was never going to be replaced by Don on the six string lol


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