Alex Lifeson Confirms That Rush’s Touring Career has Come to an End

Rush on stage during the 1970's

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has confirmed today that the band has retired from touring, due to drummer Neil Peart no longer being able to cope physically with the rigours of their live shows.

Speaking with Rolling Stone Lifeson stated that;

“He didn’t even want to do the [R40 Tour], to be honest with you,” Lifeson explained. “It’s been increasingly difficult for him, but he committed to the tour and we got through it. As far as he was concerned, that was the end of touring.”

“His shoulders were hurting, his arms were hurting, his elbows, his feet, everything,” Lifeson added of Peart. “He didn’t want to play anything less than 100 percent. He was finding it increasingly difficult to hit that mark on this last tour. So, all those things combined, I get it. I’m disappointed and I think Geddy is very disappointed and we’d love to continue this tour a little bit longer, but we’re off now.”

Lifeson would not close the door on Rush entirely, however, saying it’s possible they could still record music or play a one-off show together but he has yet to discuss this with the band.


4 Comments on Alex Lifeson Confirms That Rush’s Touring Career has Come to an End

  1. Neal was one of my firstt big world wide known drummers that was almost unreal in his talent. I know tha he experimented with substances and besides for fun, it was to keep playing fast and hard. The older we get as drummers, it takes an unreal amount of stamina to try and reproduce the speed and techinque we had and always look for ways to keep that going. I personally srtuggle to play llike a mad man and some nights I am off and get frustrated. Maybe neal will be able to continue playing by spending more time just warming up each day and not try to break any speed records and save his treasured ability to play his entire kit like it’s nothing maybe a few times a week. There is no shame in that.. We all sill love you all and neal, just know we realize what you can do and what yuo have done and that is good enough


  2. Angie Willman // - at 9:55 am // Reply

    Although disappointed, I do truly understand! The drum solos I have seen Neil perform oare incredibly physically demanding, and amazes me that he is their ability after all these years to continue even in the studio. The man has left us with quite a legacy! Better to have had, then to have never experienced the genius at all !!


  3. Angie // - at 10:03 am // Reply

    Although disappointed , if you have ever experienced one of Neil’s drum solos, you would totally understand! It is quite physical workout! Being a Rush fanatic since the early 70s , I will truly miss seeing them on tour, yeah I am anxious to see what Neil will continue to do with his incredible writing skills! It’s better to have had, then to have never experienced their genius at all . I do think they will continue in the studio, and we can look forward to more books out by Neil.


  4. experienceoddsfiche // - at 6:46 pm // Reply

    This past Saturday the 17th of September Rush were given the key to the city and a park was named in honour of them here in Toronto. Our current mayor made a point to acknowledging them for their contributions to the rock world and especially to Canada. Attended by Alex and Geddy in the pouring rain. Neil doesn’t generally attend these kind of functions and it’s L.A. he currently lives in I think. Rush used to play high school gymnasiums back in the early mid 70’s along with other bands in the area at the time like Max Webster etc. It’s one of the few things I can honestly say I’m proud of is that I live in the same city as they do!


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