Gary Moore Reminisces, Plays “Johnny Boy” and “One Day” on His ’59 Les Paul Bursts — Video

In 1994, Gary Moore sat down to discuss his inspiration for “Johnny Boy” during the release of his compilation album, Ballads & Blues: 1982–1994.

The track originally featured on Moore’s 1987 album, Wild Frontier, and was a tribute to his late friend and former Thin Lizzy bandmate, Phil Lynott.

Along with some interesting insight from Moore, we also get up-close performances featuring two of his ’59 Gibson Les Paul bursts, the first of which he affectionately named “Greeny” after buying it from Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green in 1972. This guitar is still in famous hands; it now belongs to Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

The clip ends with a short instrumental excerpt from the previously unreleased “One Day,” this time performed with his other prized ’59 Les Paul, “Stripe.”

The entire interview and featured songs can be found on the special edition of the Ballads & Blues: 1982–1994 CD/DVD (2011).



Written by Forgotten Guitar for Guitar World, which can be viewed by clicking Here

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