Vintage Online Lesson: Steve Morse – Power Lines (1989)

Steve Morse - Power Lines

Before joining British hard rock giants Deep Purple back in 1994, Steve Morse was already a big name in the world of guitar. Originally well-known for his years with the Dixie Dreggs, Kansas, and his own group, the Steve Morse Band. He has also played solo performances at Carnegie Hall and toured with the likes of Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, and Paco DeLucia.

Around the time of the release of his third solo studio album High Tension Wires in 1989, Morse also put together a guitar instructional tape titled Power Lines, which can be viewed in the video clip below.

During the hour-long lesson, Steve takes you through various aspects of playing, such as warm-up exercises, adding chromatic ideas to sequences, and his system for playing three-note-per-string scales. As well as revealing a unique method for playing polyphonic scales and melody lines within phrases and arpeggios with some excellent solo performance examples throughout.


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