Joe Bonamassa & Norman Harris – Confessions of a Vintage Guitar Dealer — Video

Joe Bonamassa and his 1959 Burst 'Spot'

Joe Bonamassa & Norman Harris (of Norman’s Rare Guitars) sat down together last month during the Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea cruise 2016, to talk about a subject they are both extremely passionate about. Dealing and owning some of the worlds’ most collectable guitars.

In the hour-long video (Filmed and uploaded by YouTube channel 1AnitrasDance) Joe and  Norm discuss a selection of notable instruments that have come their way over the years, including a 1928 Martin 000-45, a Fender precision bass from ’56, a 1941 Martin D-45 and a 1960 D’angelico Excel to name but a few. As well as some background information on how Norman Harris set up his now world famous business and what helped him become the go-to-guy for rare instruments when it comes to music and films’ biggest names

The famous 1958-’60 Sunburst Gibson Les Paul’s also feature in their discussion, with Joe having one of his very own 1959 burst, “Spot”, to hand to demo for the audience. The entire event can be seen in the video clip below.


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