A Look Inside Jimi Hendrix’s London Mayfair Home — Video

Jimi Hendrix inside his London Mayfair flat in the late 1960s

Check out the video clips below for a look inside the only former Hendrix property in the world to open its doors.

The home at 23 Brook Street in London’s Mayfair district is where Jimi Hendrix lived in the late 1960s and following a £2.4m restoration project the top floor of the flat is now open to the public this month, with his bedroom restored to what it looked like when he lived there in 1969.

The flat is also located beside the Handel House at 25 Brook Street, London UK where baroque composer George Frideric Handel lived for 36 years during the mid-1700s.

Hendrix moved into the property in mid 1968, and the Handel & Hendrix exhibition will trace his life in London in 1968 and 1969.



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