Vai and Billy Sheehan Have a Guitar Battle on the DLR Eat ‘Em and Smile Tour — Video

On November 25; for the first time in almost 30 years, David Lee Roth‘s incredible Eat ‘Em and Smile band of Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan and Gregg Bissonette were scheduled to reunite for a ‘one night only’ show in LA.

However, Unfortunately (due to the massive demand) Ultimate Jam Night had to call off the event, so for now we will have to make do with a look back at these guys sharing the stage in 1986.

Not much footage exists Dave’s’ first solo line up. However, this amateur-shot video below gives us a little reminder of what a future show would have in store for us.

Fresh off of Vai’s Crossroads fame he and Billy Sheehan have a Head Cutting Guitar dual of their own, only to go on to team up with Bissonette for the second half of the clip. Shot prior to Steve’s Ibanez days note his Performance Jem Custom in action built by Steve’s guitar tech in ’86 Patrick Francis, as well as his famous Charvel Custom Electric “The Green Meanie”.


1 Comment on Vai and Billy Sheehan Have a Guitar Battle on the DLR Eat ‘Em and Smile Tour — Video

  1. Yes! Now that’s what I’m missing that’s what Im talking about. Do you hear this son. Great guitar playing!


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