Very Early footage of Stevie Ray Vaughan Playing Solo Acoustic Guitar in 1983 — Video

Stevie Ray Vaughan in 1983


Check out the video clip below from 1983, showing Stevie Ray Vaughan perform an improvised 12-bar blues on a road-worn vintage Gibson acoustic.

Recorded for a Dallas, Texas radio station, the clip begins with a snippet of Stevie telling the radio audience a bit about himself and his background, stating; “

I’ve done the best I can with carrying on a flame with rhythm and blues and rock and roll. Many many bar gigs, you know. Slept in ’em, lived in ’em, literally. And it’s paid off. Here we are.” at the time Vaughan was still pretty new to audiences with his debut,

At the time, Vaughan was still pretty new to audiences with his debut, Texas Flood, set for release in June of that year. After the short interview, the clip then jumps straight to Stevie playing solo.



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