George Lynch and Lynch Mob Live On Stage from 1991 — Video


From 1991, as part of ABC’s In Concert TV Series, see the video clips below for  George Lynch tearing it up as usual with Lynch Mob, as they perform; “Wicked Sensation”, “River of Love” and “All I Want” live on stage.






For more on George Lynch, visit his official website at

1 Comment on George Lynch and Lynch Mob Live On Stage from 1991 — Video

  1. Darin wray // - at 5:15 pm // Reply

    George Lynch is a God when he is playing the guitar I loved him in Dokken the Don Dokken was a prick so I had the opportunity to see the Lynch Mob open for the master Ronnie James Dio invitation Only I want to say it was about a hundred – 200 person crowd at the venue and it rocked it was a closed concert it was inside of a small hole in the wall that you would miss if you were walking by it on the streets in Pocatello Idaho I won the tickets on the radio and I was not let down one bit do you all know anything about that performance by those 2 Masters if so I’d love to have somebody to elaborate a little bit more and what it was about and what was going on all I know is I got drunk and had a good time George Lynch signed on my back my back sat down and talked with him actually it’s $ 1 bill on my back but anyway I’m not sure of the year it was I want to say mid nineties early nineties thank you


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