A Look at Ritchie Blackmore’s Guitar Collection — Video

In 1997 Ritchie Blackmore, and vocalist Candice Night formed the traditional folk rock duo Blackmore’s Night. Although musically quite a departure from the hard rock sound of the groups that Blackmore initially found fame in the 1970s, the pair have had considerable success, having released nine studio albums to date.

Blackmore, along with Night were the subject of a short feature, highlighting the project during it’s early days. which in part of it, contains an interesting section (which can be seen in the clip below) where Richie speaks about several of his most important guitars, such as his number one Fender Stratocaster that he’s played for the past 30 years, as well some of the instruments that he used during his time with Deep Purple and Rainbow.

Blackmore also talks a bit about the process of scalloping his fretboards, (which apparently takes him three days to achieve) and the story of how a luthier once completely undid his hard work by sanding it back down the flat during a refret.


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