An Up-Close Look at Gary Moore’s Guitars “Plugging Into History” — Video

Neville Marten with Gary Moore's '59 Burst "Stripe"

Tomorrow marks the five year anniversary (6 February 2011) of the death of British blues legend Gary Moore. An absolute giant of the guitar world, in his passing he left behind not only an incredible body of work, but also the beautiful collection of guitars he used to create some his finest pieces of music

The video clip below offers a unique, close-up look and demo of a handful of these instruments, that are currently still part of his estate.

Playing through an 18-Watt-combo Marshall 1974x and an Ibanez Tube screamer (set to Gary’s specifications), Guitarist magazine’s own Neville Marten let’s us once again hear these Guitars brought to life, and shares some information on a; 1963 Fender Stratocaster, a ’64 Gibson Firebird 1 and from 1959, Gary’s Les Paul Junior and prized Les Paul Burst “Stripe”.

As it was sold many years ago by Gary, his other original ’59 “Greeny”, (named after Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green after buying it from him in 1972, and now owned by Kirk Hammett of Metallica) doesn’t feature, however an “Artist Proof” Collectors Choice #1, modelled after that guitar does.


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