Rory Gallagher’s 1976 Appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test — Video


From March 1976 – Rory Gallagher performs a cover of “All Around Man”, in the 1st video below. Originally by delta blues great Bo Carter this performance was taken from Rory’s incredible appearance on the classic British music show, The Old Grey Whistle Test.

In the second of the two videos, see his entire performance, including amazing live versions of, “I Take What I Want”,”Bought And Sold”,”All Around Man”,”Out on the Western Plain”, “Souped Up Ford” and “Bullfrog Blues”.

As this appears to be from a BBC broadcast in the mid 90s, shortly after Gallagher’s passing, it also contains an introduction by Slash, where he talks about meeting Rory and the influence he had on him as a young guitar player.






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