13-Year-Old Derek Trucks Live on Stage in 1993 — Video

Picking up his first guitar from a garage sale for $5 at age 9, Derek Trucks was every bit the child prodigy. Gravitating toward playing slide because his musical talents were growing faster than his small hands could manage, by age 11 he was already playing his first paid gigs.

By age 13, Trucks was regularly opening for the Allman Brothers Band and had even shared the stage with blues legend Buddy Guy.

In the clip below, shot that same year (1993), see 13 year old Trucks nail a cover of the outro to Derek and the Dominos hit “Layla”, followed by some killer playing during a short live blues Jam.

Wearing his “Skydog” T-Shirt, it’s clear he was already Duane Allman fan, but you can hear that even more from his playing.


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